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Percussionists, lovers & students of percussion music, rejoice! The Internet (and this website) are ALIVE with interesting and creative percussion resources. Dandemutande is a resource for lovers of Zimbabwean music around the world. It consists of a magazine of articles about Zimbabwean music, an email list , a calendar of events worldwide, a resource guide, and a mail order catalog of music, books, and other resources.

DJEMBE-L FAQ offers web Links to other Drum, Percussion and Related Cultural Sites, an e-mail discussion list, and a list archive with tons of info on west african percussion.

The African Music Encyclopedia As the name implies, a wealth of information about music and culture of Africa and the African Diaspora. Searchable and indexed by country and artist.

PANJEA Is both a band and a non-profit organization, founded by Chris Berry and associates. Through our music and international programmes we hope to create a healthier and a more balanced future in which humans share their knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of all.

A school with a vision - "Bantaba", which means "dancing circle" in Mandinka, provides an inspiring image: a community of diverse members each offering talents while gratefully receiving the gifts of others. Bantaba has a studio in Boulder, Colorado, USA which offers a variety of world dance and music classes, ensembles, and performances.

Southern African Music Links is a resource site devoted to Southern African music, with an emphasis on Zimbabwe but including Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zambia It includes an extensive bibliography and web links section with descriptions.

The Drum Brothers in Missoula, Montana. Drum Brothers Band, Drum Building and Rhythm Workshops, Classes, Montana Hand-Crafted Percussion Instruments! The song of the drum has been used for ages by peoples throughout the world in expression, communication, celebration and ceremony. Drumming can connect us to the innate rhythms inside ourselves and open our awareness to the pulsations of the world around us.

The African Music Archive is a project of the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies at the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany.

Founded by Nii Tettey Tetteh, The Kusun Ensemble is an extraordinary ensemble of traditional musicians and dancers based in Ghana, West Africa. They perform the traditional rhythms of the Ga people as well as other West African music.

Shona Language This site contains an introduction (in English) to the Shona language, spoken by over 9 million people in Zimbabwe, as well as links to other Shona language-related sites.

Candombe presents information, CDs, books, workshops, etc. about traditional Afro-Uruguayan Rhythms, by Hugo "Foca" Machado, Willy Muñoz and Jorge Sadi.

Arizona Rhythm Connection

Fula Flute

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